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Sapa Rice Fields | The Best Time To Visit Sapa

Sapa Rice Fields | The Best Time To Visit Sapa

Sapa Trekking And Homestay/ The Best Time To Visit Sapa

If you desire to go trekking any time soon, I suggest you take a tour to Sapa, Vietnam. Sapa is a great and wonderful place to stay for a few days. Afterward try to visit the villages of Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai and Ta Van, Giang Ta Chai and Su Pan, Ban Ho and Nam Tong, and Ta Phin villages which will take you through the best beautiful rice fields in the valley of Muong Hoa.

Best view of rice fields in Sapa, Vietnam

The rice paddies are very famous to the people of Sapa and every tourist. There are various homestay, hostels, and meals that a traveler could ever imagine. Majority of people come to Sapa to go trekking through the rice fields and stay one night or two in local homestay.

Choosing The Right Trekking Agency

Are you trying to choose the perfect and unique trekking agency to Sapa, Vietnam? And is somehow confusing due to the fact that there are numerous numbers of travel agencies in Sapa. The most important thing is to choose a reliable and credible agency that can help you in your entire journey.

If you desire your Sapa trekking to be the most unforgettable experience then use Trekkingtoursapa.Then ensure you suffer no issues. They do make sure that your encounters with local people will be the most remarkable and rewarding one.

I will recommend Trekkingtoursapa because I have used their services before. They are very efficient in their dealings. They ensure they take you round the valleys, show you the best beautiful rice fields around the Muong Hoa valley and the surrounding villages.

Homestay in Sapa

There is no doubt that there is beautiful homestay in Sapa Vietnam. This homestay is unique and comfortable. You feel at home in the various homestay Trekkingtoursapa agency will choose for you. You also get a warm welcome and a decent breakfast like fresh green tea. Their homestay is comforting and illuminating.

Enjoy one night stay at homestay of Hmong family in Ta Van village
Enjoy one night stay at homestay of Hmong family in Ta Van village

It is something everyone on trek venture will love. If you desire to come to Sapa and you how worried about where to sleep, eat or drink, don’t worry, Trekkingtoursapa got your cover. They know how to make the very best homestay for your comfort.


Muong Hoa Valley Is Best Beautiful Rice Fields In Sapa Vietnam

Do you want to know About Muong Hoa valley and the villages that make up this beautiful valley?

There are several villages in the Muong Hoa Valley which includes Y Linh Ho village, Lao Chai and Ta Van village, Giang Ta Chai and Su Pan Village, Ban Ho and Nam Tong village, Ta Phin village. These villages are very unique; it is an astonishing sight to behold. Our local guide agent will enjoy taking you round the whole villages, where you find beautifully mixed of rice. These rice fields are very familiar to the people living in these villages.

Muontain rice fields in Ta Van village
Mountain rice fields in Ta Van village

The Beautiful Rice Fields

One of the most attractive and beautiful places to behold in Sapa, Vietnam is the rice terraces located in Muong Hoa Valley. It is a mountain of a beautiful scene. It is very good to take pictures within the rice fields; it is surrounded by about five villages. There are lovely children around. Also, you enjoy local meals and drinks. There are little hut were locals prepare their delicious rice dish. You need a Trekkingtoursapa agent to take you around the villages.

Rice Paddies in the hill
Rice Paddies in the hill

How To Get To Sapa Beautiful Rice Field?

As I said earlier, there various travel agencies in Sapa, Vietnam, but the most recommendable one among them is Trekkingtoursapa. They are very reliable and credible. They know the in and out of the mountains. They give you the best route to take, and the best affordable homestay personnel to contact.

They have deep and first-hand knowledge of the history and culture of Sapa. Their staffs are professionals; they are fluent with the English language, Hmong and Vietnamese. They know how things are done in Sapa, they give you tips on how you can enjoy your stay, relate with the local people and the very best way to access their beautiful rice fields.

Rice tarrace fields in Ta Phin village

Their local tour guide will lead you through the villages of Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai and Ta Van, Giang Ta Chai and Su Pan, Ban Ho and Nam Tong, and Ta Phin villages which will take you through the best beautiful rice fields in the valley of Muong Hoa.

Book a trekking tour with Trekkingtoursapa today and see a comfortable and outstanding trekking moment in Sapa, Vietnam.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Sapa Rice Field?

The Best time to visit rice fields in Sapa is in August and September. Though there is rainy season in this period and the terrain will look a little bit muddy. But you will surely have a memorable and enjoyable moment. The rice fields will look more attractive and extremely green in this season, which can give your photos a blend of outstanding look.

Rice paddies and mountains in Ta Phin area

Seasons In Sapa To Look Out For

March to June is spring season in Sapa Vietnam, this period is one of the best times to trek in Sapa, it comes with cool weather, sunny days, a period that precedes the blossoming nature of flowers and plants. This period also gives you an opportunity to learn how they plant their beautiful rice that cumulates into the best rice fields that everyone love to see.

Rice fields in Sapa, Vietnam

July to August is summer season that is a rainy season. You can trek comfortably trek in this season, just that you have to come with your raincoat, and boot. Because it will definitely rain, and the ground might likely be muddy. There is the possibility of experiencing four seasons within a day. There are few visitors during this period.

September to November is Autumn. It offers a dry terrain in Sapa; you can easily see the green nature of the rice fields. This season is dry compared to the summer season.

December to February is winter months; this is a magical period in Sapa, Vietnam. You can easily see frost all over.

Enjoy the sunshine in the morning at homestays
Enjoy the sunshine in the morning at homestays

Whichever case, the best time to trek in Sapa is all around seasons, it all depends on the time and season you like to embark on your Sapa trekking. Also, ensure you pack the right things for the right reason and for the perfect season.

Sinh Giang

Hi, my name is Sinh from the Black Hmong ethnic minority group in Sapa. I am an experienced local mountain guide in the Sapa area. I have worked for many tourism companies which has given me the opportunity to improve my English skills with people from all over the world. I am passionate about nature especially mountain trekking and hiking on the big rice terraces in my hometown. I love sharing my local culture with anyone who is looking for a unique, memorable trip. I want to show people the real Sapa.

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  1. Interested going to Sapa. If I flight to Hanoi, what type of transport get to Sapa.
    Or any option flight to Sapa from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I should land at which airport ?

  2. Dear Michelle Tan,
    Thank you for your comment. I am going to answer your questions as follow:

    From Kuala Lumpur you could a a flight to the Noi Bai International Airport and then take a bus or train go to Sapa
    + Train: Hanoi – Lao Cai – Sapa, it’s cost: $30/way/per ticket (4 people cabin sharing)
    + Sleep Bus: Hanoi – Sapa, it’s cost: $15/way/per ticket

    Thank you for interesting.

    If you have any fulther questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,
    Sinh Giang.

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