Sapa Valley Trek and Homestay - 3D2N

10 reviews
  • 3 days experience
  • Moderate to challenging
  • Cultural immersion & active adventure
  • Mountains, valley, rice fields & villages
  • ​Private tours
  • Vegan-friendly

In this tour, you will be taken by our experienced local guide across 5 different villages of the Hmong, Giay and Red Dao local ethnic minorities.

Enjoy Sapa’s breath-taking natural landscapes, principal rivers, and valleys while learning about the culture, customs, and traditions of the three main local ethnic minorities of the region and homestay experience.

Let yourself be surprised – don’t miss the chance to learn first-hand about Hmong’s unique marriage traditions, rice fieldwork techniques, traditional house rituals, and much more!

Reasons to book this experience

01. A local private guide: A Local guide in a private tour only get your needs focused, and has enough time to answer all your questions.

02. Get to see the famous and biggest rice terrace fields in Vietnam, the biggest river and valley in Sapa.

03. Trekking tours off the beaten tracks.
04. Genuine homestay experience with authentic, local food.
05. Main attractions and points of interest include Vietnam’s rice terraces, bamboo forest, mountain trekking up to 1.800 meters above sea level.

06. Local tour guide, experienced specialist.


Day 1: Sapa – Y Linh Ho – Lao Chai – Ta Van – Homestay (15 km or 6.5 hours)

The tour starts at 9 am. Our local guide will meet you at your hotel in Sapa Town or in front of the local main church. 

After a brief introduction, you will be taken 2km down to Cat Cat’s road, a well-known village of the Hmong minority. 

From there, you will be reaching the hanging bridge of Muong Hoa river and then continue uphill into the mountains and through a bamboo forest. 

From there, you will get the chance to admire some of the biggest and most beautiful rice terraces in Vietnam as well as enjoy the majestic mountain view on top of the Hoang Lien Son mountain. 

You will then head down to Y Linh Ho village and have lunch at a small, traditional restaurant ran by a local Hmong family. 

After the break, you will make it to Ta Van, a village of the famous Giay minority, where your local host family will welcome you. 

You will then have some time to rest, take a hot shower, and get ready for your dinner – if you want, you will also have the chance to take part in an informal cooking class!

Day 2: Ta Van – Giang Ta Chai – Su Pan -Ban Ho – Homestay (18 km or 6.30 hours)

Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea and discover your homestay’s surrounding area and the nearby rice fields. 

After breakfast, you will be retaken uphill into the mountain till the waterfalls of Giang Ta Chai. 

You will then enter the Red Dao area where, together with your local guide, you will learn more in detail about their culture and daily life. 

After a short visit at a Red Dao family, you will then head back to the waterfalls by taking an alternative trail and across a second hanging bridge. 

You will then have your lunch in Giang Ta Chai village at a small, local restaurant run by a Hmong family. 

After the break, we will make our way to Su Pan, a community of the Black Hmong minority. And then continue walking to the Ban Ho village, where you will meet three ethnic minorities such as Red Dao, Tay, and Black Hmong. 

A Tay family and check-in will welcome us to their family. 

You will then have time to rest, take a hot shower, and wait for your dinner.

Day 3: Ban Ho – Nam Tong – Sapa (3km around 3 hours)

After an excellent breakfast in Ban Ho, we continue trekking to the village Nam Toong, about 3km from Ban Ho. 

In this village, you can learn everything about the Red Dzao minority that lives here. The Red Dzao are famous for the red scarfs they wear on their heads. 

After visiting Nam Toong, we walk back to Ban Ho, where we will have lunch. 

After lunch, transportation will be waiting for you to bring you back to Sapa. End of the tour.

Good to know

Price details

Sapa Valley and Homestay Experience


From your hotel in Sa Pa or in front of Sapa’s main Church.

Drop Off

In your hotel in Sapa or Sapa center

The tour will include

  • 2 breakfasts + 3 lunches + 2 dinners
  • 2-night accommodation (Sapa homestay)
  • English speaking guide
  • Village entry fees
  • 1 big bottle of water
  • Transport back to Sapa

The tour will NOT include

  • Personal travel insurance
  • Extra drinks (e.g. bottled water or beer) on the way
  • Tips

Things you should bring

  • Trekking shoes
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent

Our convenience & note

01. If you have a big bag or a big suitcase, no worries. I have a store in Sapa where you can leave your luggage when you arrive as well as take a shower before you leave Sapa. Then you can bring a small bag while trekking.

02.  We can arrange a bus or train for you from Hanoi – Sapa and back Hanoi. If you need any helps with the service, please contact us for more information.

03. The tour starts at 9 am, ends at around 3 pm

How Private Tour Works

Personal Travel Specialist
Dedicated travel specialist

Handpicked Accommodation (Homestay)
Best location & price

Flexible Meal Plan
Tickle your taste buds

Private Guide and Car
Hassle-free tour experience

Adjust the physical activity
We can adjust the difficulty of all of our hikes to your wishes and abilities.

Responsive Customer Service
24/7 care

Cancellation Policy

7+ days prior tour start date: 100% reimbursement of the tour price (no cancellation charges)

6 to 2-days prior tour start date: 25% reimbursement of the tour price

1 day prior or same day of tour start date: no reimbursement

Why Us?

Trekking Tour Sapa owned by a team of Hmong ethnic minorities in Sapa. We use our local knowledge to create hiking, trekking, and motorbike tours for those wanting to discover the best and most beautiful areas of Sapa. We were born and raised in this region which helps us to show you places that many companies else may not be able to provide.

Locally & Minority Owned
Benefiting the local Black H’mong and neighboring ethnic tribal people.

Get the real Sa Pa Experience.

Ethical Tribal Visits
Preserving the culture of the H’mong and other ethnic minority peoples.

See the beauty of Sapa and help to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

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When Would You Like To Start The Tour?

July 2020

10 Reviews

Etienne B
Etienne B
January 2019
Read More
The trek we did me and my friend with Sinh was absolutely fabulous. We walked 3 days/2 nights trought the beautiful landscapes and mountains around Sapa. Sinh is a wonderful guide and person. He loves what he does. The homestays were great and the food delicious. So, if you want to discover Sapa region, do it with Sinh, you will love your experience.
July 2019
Read More
We did a very nice 1 day rice field trekking tour with Sinh and his brother. Beginning of the tour was quite challeging but very fun. We got lot of information about the rice fields, area and the minority people. Lunch and sone water was included. Make sure you have good hiking shoes and some clothing for rain.
May 2019
Read More
I have been traveling South East Asia for 6 months, Vietnam for over 4 months and this was one of my best experiences so far. We started in the south and I have found that this country just gets more and more beautiful the further north we go. I had seen pictures of Sapa and knew I wanted to take my daughter when she came to visit. I usually avoid guided tours and prefer to do things alone, finding my own way. But I was really keen to learn about the Hmong ethnic minority so I decided to book a trek. That's when I found Sinh, and I'm so very glad I did! Sinh was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. I had so many questions before I booked with him and he patiently and professionally answered them all. The whole experience was absolutely magical. We were a group of 12 and right from the beginning we all bonded so well. The trekking was amazing, the sights, the sounds, and the people. The homestays that Sinh had arranged for us were such beautiful little relaxing retreats after long days trekking, the food was authentic, so tasty and plentiful … and the apple rice wine … wow! Sinh is part of the H’mong ethnic minority, and his English is fantastic which meant that we all got to learn so much about the culture, the people and the land. It was amazing to learn so much about all we were seeing and the daily lives of the people. Sinh's a wonderfully warm person. Very friendly and great fun, his enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you so much Sinh, your knowledge, positive energy, and warm personality made the tour so much more than we could have expected. I can't recommend highly enough !!!
July 2019
Read More
We enjoyed the trek with Sinh and his brother. We hiked through corn fields, went over barbed wire fences, crossed streams and balanced our way across muddy rice terraces. Our shoes were dirty compared to other tourists taking tours from other companies... and that's exactly what we were looking for. Thank you Sinh (and baby brother) for the fun experience. Tip: Wear trekking shoes with good grip!
Ryan Tevebaugh
Ryan Tevebaugh
January 2019
Read More
We just finished the 3 day / 2 night trekking tour with Sinh and it was awesome!! Highlight of our trip so far. He is an experienced guide and is extremely genuine so it’s easy to becomes friends fast. He does a really good job communicating the trip plan and schedule each day so you feel your in good hands the whole time. The food and homestays were both very good as well! He also will teach you about his family, the plant and animal life, and the different ethnic minorities that call Sapa home along the way. I highly recommend his tour company to anyone that wants to avoid the crowds and experience the amazing views and villages around Sapa. Tips: buy rain boots in town as the trails are very muddy in the winter, pack some snacks or buy some along the way to carry you between the provided meals (which were really good)
October 2018
Read More
Sinh is an extremely friendly person who I would definitely recommend meeting. He was knowledgable and accommodating. We booked a day trek with him and asked about transportation. He arranged for a shuttle to pick up the six of us at Lao Cai train station and take us to our hotel. Thing is .. we booked the wrong week! We booked a week later than we arrived. We sent a message to Sinh at 6:00 AM when we arrived at the train station the morning of our intended trek day. He was understanding and luckily, was free for a tour. We had to arrange alternative transportation because it was last second and we were already at the train station. Sinh met us at our hotel promptly at 9 AM. He brought us each a bottle of water and explained the route he would be taking us on. He examined our footwear to make sure they were appropriate for the trek. Along the trek, he made the effort to have some conversation with each person in the group. He was there to help us when we seemed stuck on the trail. He arranged for lunch part way through the hike which was pretty good. He also had a shuttle pick us up when we were done trekking to take us back to our hotel. It took us about 6ish hours to complete the trek. Time will depend on how fast your group moves. This was a great experience at a brand new place. Sinh definitely helped make it great. Thank you, Sinh!!
May 2019
Read More
Sinh is one of the friendliest persons I’ve ever met. Always with a bright smile, he told us everything important about the area, vegetation, history and the people living in Sa Pa. My favourite moment during our tour was the visit in his family. Sinh explained us a lot things about his ethnic minority and the work in the rice fields. I was really impressed and became so emotional about the stories, that I had to think about this conversation the next days. (Honestly, it was a lifechanging moment for me.) Sinh, thank you for everything. We could never find a better guide than you and I am so thankful to meet you. See you, when I will come back to Vietnam.
John Doe
John Doe
June 2019
Read More
The trek was a challenging and an overall exciting experience. We went across a path that was least travelled.The guide was well informed and went a steady pleasant pace. Really loved every aspect of it.
Kim S
Kim S
January 2019
Read More
This was a really great experience, going on a local trek with Sinh through the majestic and wondrous area around Sapa. Sinh is a truly thoughtful, knowledgeable and positive host who encouraged questions. I took that encouragement to heart and probably asked dozens of questions about the countryside, the flora and fauna, the Hmong people of this area and even about how he met his beautiful and gracious wife who accompanied us on the trek. I would highly recommend Sinh as a guide and his trek as an amazing experience.
James Brook
James Brook
May 2019
Read More
I was Invited to go to Sapa and enjoy the trip organized by Sinh. Expecting nothing as I had heard so many review on how Sapa is boring, I was shocked and amazed by the scenery of Sapa Sinh showed us through the tour. All the terraced rice field, the H’mong children smile, the sky, the cloud and much more than that totally rocks my mind. I am 100% sure that this is the Sapa I was looking for. Natural, untouched, beautiful and ... I guess you will have to discover that by yourself with Sinh (don’t wanna be a spoiler). Pls come and enjoy! Sinh is so far the best Sapa tour guide you need while staying in Sapa! Thank you Sinh, wish you and your family all the best wishes in the future!

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