Trekking Bach Moc Luong Tu (Ky Quan San)

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The 3046m high Bach Moc peak is the 4th highest mountain in Vietnam, located on the natural boundary of the two provinces of Lai Chau and Lao Cai. This is also one of the most beautiful places for mountaineering enthusiasts.

This place is known for the brand “dawn in the clouds”. Because of the diverse and difficult terrain, conquering Bach peak

A requires you to prepare skills and a good physical foundation. However, the value of the stunning scenery here is always worth the effort. Let Bach Moc become a challenge and memorable experience in your life.

Reasons to book Bach Moc Luong Tu (Ku Quan San)

01. Adventure: People who love adventure and want to challenge themselves physically and mentally may find this tour appealing. Trekking through difficult terrain, facing steep slopes, and crossing forests and streams can be a great adventure.

02. Nature enthusiasts: This tour offers stunning views of nature, including the legendary sea of ​​clouds and hills, fresh streams, and the beautiful Bach Moc peak. People who love nature and want to explore the outdoors might find this tour exciting.

03. Fitness enthusiasts: The tour involves physical activity, which could be an excellent opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to test their endurance and strength. The tour requires good physical fitness and a good foundation of skills.

04. Cultural experience: The tour includes staying in a shack built by ethnic people, which offers an opportunity to learn about their culture and lifestyle.

05. Socialization: The tour is organized weekly, and people who love socializing with others can join a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy trekking and exploring nature.

06. Rewarding experience: Reaching the top of Ky Quan San after trekking for hours could be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for many people. It could be an achievement to add to their list of accomplishments.


Day 1: Hanoi – Sapa

  • 21:30 – The sleeper bus will pick you up at 5 Tran Nguyen Han to Sapa, Lao Cai.
  • It takes about 6 hours to get in Sapa.
  • The bus will drop you at at 436 Đường Điện Biên Phủ, Sapa
  • Get on the high-quality sleeper bus and depart immediately for Sapa the next morning. The journey on the highway is very smooth, you do not need to worry at all, just rest assured to focus on the upcoming climbing trip!

Day 2: Sapa – Sang Ma Sao – Rest shack

05:00: Arrive at the bus office at 426 Đường Điện Biên Phủ, TT. Sa Pa, you will then need to walk to our office at 09 Thác Bạc, TT. Sa Pa (it take about 15 – 20 minites walk, I recommend a taxi for 5 minutes)

7:00: Haveing breakfast (Vietnamese Pho)

07:30: A bus pick-up point will take you to Ky Quan San village to start the challenging trekking. (~60km from Sapa, >1h30 to travel the pass)

08:30: Arrive at the village, we will help you to organize your belongings and prepare for an exciting climbing journey.

12:00: Noon at the shack before entering the forest.

17:00: Arrive at the resting point at an altitude of 2100m. We will build a fire and cook rice right on the mountain.

Trekking time: ~ 7-8 hours. The road has many steep slopes, and few streams, easy to slip under the rain.
Overnight at a shack built by ethnic people, with full blankets, and toilets for you to rest before conquering the top of the mountain the next day.

Day 3: Shack – Peak – Shack

05:30: Get up, and wear warm clothes to welcome the dawn at the legendary sea of ​​​​clouds and hills. Then back to the shack, do personal hygiene, and have breakfast.

07:30: Leave things at the shack, bring water, raincoats continue to trek to the top.

11:30: Touching the top of Ky Quan San. Take pictures with the top of the mountain together and sing and celebrate the victory. Then have lunch on the top with fragrant fried rice balls.

12:00: Return to the breakpoint 2100m.

16:00: Get down to the old resting place. Let’s roast chicken together by the fire under the cold of the jungle sunset.

Day 4: Rest – Sapa – Hanoi

05:30: Wake up early to welcome the sunrise of Salt Hill again.

07:00: Have breakfast, pack up and go back to the old way. Lunch along the way down the mountain.

13:00: Out of the forest gate, the leader will arrange a motorbike taxi to take you to the car pick-up point.

14:00: Get on the 16-seat car back to Sapa (50km away, about 2 hours traveling).

17:00: Arrive Sapa

22:00: You will need to walk to the bus office by yourself at 426 Đường Điện Biên Phủ, TT. Sapa (or need a taxi), and get on the sleeper bus back to Hanoi (5 Tran Nguyen Han). End the program here.

Difficulty 7/10

- Exploring the top of Ky Quan San - 3046m high at Sang Ma Sao, Bat Xat, Lao Cai province will be a challenging journey in a 3-day 4-night tour.
- Experiencing a journey through 28km of the mountain and forest road, you will be able to see the beauty of the sea of ​​clouds at Muoi Hill, and at the same time enjoy the fresh stream.
- The path is mainly a trail through forests, and streams, and sometimes faces cliffs. However, you will have the opportunity to experience a night's sleep at a shack with an altitude of 2100m, which has been built by ethnic people with full facilities to help you recover.

Good to know

Price for a private tour

USD300: One person
USD500: 2 people($250/per person)
USD591: 3 people(197USD/per person)
USD760: 4 people(190USD/per person)
USD925: 5 people(185USD/per person)
USD1,098: 6 people(183USD/per person)
USD1,260: 7 people(180USD/per person)
USD1,424: 8 people(178USD/per person)
USD1.575: 9 people(175USD/per person)
USD1,700: 10 people(170USD/per person)

Pick Up

From Sapa

Drop Off


The tour will include

- 45-seat sleeper bus from Hanoi to Sapa
- 3 lunches, 2 dinner, 3 breakfast
- Food full of nutrients and energy for climbing members
- Water 1.5L/day
- Porter
- Mountain room
- Souvenir medal of Bach Moc Luong Tu mountain climbing tour
- Motorbike.

The tour will NOT include

- Tip porter and tour guide.
- Personal travel insurance
- Additional drinks while hiking (e.g. bottled water or beer)

Things you should bring

- Hiking shoes (the best ones) will be comfortable, hug your feet, and have good grip.
- Stickers Thermostats.
- Personal medicine.
- Clothes for 3 days and 2 nights in the mountains:
+ 2 long pants (preferably quick-drying pants) and 1 long-sleeved shirt (preferably a thin windbreaker) to wear when climbing.
+ 2-3 T-shirts.
+ Thick warm coat, used when staying at the shack at night.
+ 1 super-thin sweater or down jacket to wear to bed.
+ 1 pair of honeycomb slippers used at the Resort.
+ Scarves: do not use wool towels, should use cloth towels or bandanas to make it easier to dry when wet.
+ 3-5 pairs of long, thick socks (do not use low-neck socks).
+ Personal items: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat, camera, underwear, toiletries.
- Identification.

Our convenience & note

🔉*Bonuses: If you have a hotel in Sapa, I highly recommend you leave your luggage there, if you don't have a hotel in Sapa you can leave your luggage at our store room at 9 AM and the shower is available after the tour

How Private Tour Works

Personal Travel Specialist Dedicated travel specialist

Handpicked Accommodation (Homestay)
Best location & price

Flexible Meal Plan
Tickle your taste buds

Private Guide and Car
Hassle-free tour experience

Adjust the physical activity
We can adjust the difficulty of all of our hikes to your wishes and abilities.

Responsive Customer Service
24/7 care

How A Group Tour Works

It’s a great way to meet people The tour offers the chance to meet new friends and acquaintances, in some cases, from all over the globe

Lower price and FUNE
If you are looking to save money, a group tour is definitely the best way to do that

We make it FUN and SAFE
Travelling alone can be a little daunting. There are many people who feel the pull of last-minute solo holidays. With new friends, you will feel happier and time will pass faster.
All of the details are sorted out for you!
Whether you are travelling alone, or simply prefer the convenience of not having to spend an age online deciding where to stay and which route to take, group travel tours can be a complete lifesaver

Cancellation Policy

  • 7+ days prior tour start date: 100% reimbursement of the tour price (no cancellation charges)
  • 6 to 2-days prior tour start date: 25% reimbursement of the tour price
  • 1 day prior or same day of tour start date: no reimbursement

Why Us?

Trekking Tour Sapa owned by a team of Hmong ethnic minorities in Sapa. We use our local knowledge to create hiking, trekking, and motorbike tours for those wanting to discover the best and most beautiful areas of Sapa. We were born and raised in this region which helps us to show you places that many companies else may not be able to provide.

Locally & Minority Owned
Benefiting the local Black H’mong and neighboring ethnic tribal people.

Get the real Sa Pa Experience.

Ethical Tribal Visits
Preserving the culture of the H’mong and other ethnic minority peoples.

See the beauty of Sapa and help to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

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13 Reviews

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We did the six hour trekking tour with Xee through the stunning rice terraces in Sa Pa. An experience that we undoubtedly never forget. Xee is a very nice and good englisch-speaking guy who explained a lot and gave information about the region. We recommend the tour with Xee without limitations!
 Miho Tamura
Miho Tamura
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Trekking Through Rice Terraced Fields - 1Day​に参加しました。思っていたよりもがっつりトレッキングでしたが、山の中を歩くからこその素晴らしい景色でした。ガイドのシンさんはとてもジェントルマンで、トレッキング初心者の私にもとても親切にサポートしてくださいました。とても素晴らしい経験になりました。
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This was my favourite hike I have done so far in Sapa! It was amazingly unique. Sapa I’m unlike anywhere else I have seen in Vietnam. Sinh, our tour guide, spoke very good English. He was very knowledgeable in Sapa history and cultures. Bonus is that he was very kind and funny! I would recommend this tour for anybody who wants to see the unique sapa landscape! It is an excellent value for the price.
Read More
After some easy and effective communication with Sinh to organise this trek, our local guide La met us at our hotel at 9am to get started. The trek was fantastic with La giving us insight into the local minorities, whilst taking us on the road less travelled and moving through the rice fields and villages. We came across very few other tourists as La wanted to take us on the quieter roads/paths. This meant that we saw small villages, families and the way of living. It felt very insightful and was very interesting. As we travelled further, taking in the beautiful scenery we stopped for lunch and enjoyed some fried noodles and vegetables. We finished the tour after crossing a river and visiting another local minority village which was a lot busier and seemed to be where a lot of the tourists went. However, La took as away from the main tracks and we took in the last of the beautiful views before being picked up and taken back to our hotel. This was a brilliant experience! Thank you to La!
Jp Sonny S
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We did a very nice 1 day rice field trekking tour with Sinh and his brother. Beginning of the tour was quite challeging but very fun. We got lot of information about the rice fields, area and the minority people. Lunch and sone water was included. Make sure you have good hiking shoes and some clothing for rain.
Jp F
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We enjoyed the trek with Sinh and his brother. We hiked through corn fields, went over barbed wire fences, crossed streams and balanced our way across muddy rice terraces. Our shoes were dirty compared to other tourists taking tours from other companies... and that's exactly what we were looking for. Thank you Sinh (and baby brother) for the fun experience. Tip: Wear trekking shoes with good grip!
John Doe
John Doe
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The trek was a challenging and an overall exciting experience. We went across a path that was least travelled.The guide was well informed and went a steady pleasant pace. Really loved every aspect of it.
James Brook
James Brook
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I was Invited to go to Sapa and enjoy the trip organized by Sinh. Expecting nothing as I had heard so many review on how Sapa is boring, I was shocked and amazed by the scenery of Sapa Sinh showed us through the tour. All the terraced rice field, the H’mong children smile, the sky, the cloud and much more than that totally rocks my mind. I am 100% sure that this is the Sapa I was looking for. Natural, untouched, beautiful and ... I guess you will have to discover that by yourself with Sinh (don’t wanna be a spoiler). Pls come and enjoy! Sinh is so far the best Sapa tour guide you need while staying in Sapa! Thank you Sinh, wish you and your family all the best wishes in the future!
Read More
Great communication with agency. Guide was hands on, showed great knowledge of the area. Paid close attention to his customers and conditions during trekking. Spoke fairly good English. Would highly recommend!
Read More
We hiked 2 days one night with Tzu, Sinh's sister. We traveled several villages and slept in a cottage in Ta Van. Tzu is an amazing guide. She answers all our questions in excellent English. We had a great time with him. Thank you for sharing your culture with so passion. We recommand this tour for sure. Isabelle et Michel
Paula E
Paula E
Read More
Sometimes when traveling it is difficult to receive an authentic and true experience when going with a guide, but with Sinh it is truly going on an adventure with a long time friend. He was able to accommodate the trip and make it even more enjoyable than expected. I also loved how up front he was with everything and we did not have any surprises regarding trip details. We got to practice some Vietnamese, English and Spanish. He is very sweet and knowledgeable about Sapa and the surrounding areas and he really enjoyed sharing his culture with us. Thank you Sinh for making our experience in Sapa better than we could have hoped. Thank you!
Mathieu R
Mathieu R
Read More
Trekking with Sinh was by far the highlight of our stay in Sapa. Sinh is a Hmong guide and while you walk, he will teach you the culture of the different indigenous people of the Sapa valley. As guide he is always trying to give you the best experience and make sure you are safe (rocks are often slippery) Sinh will adapt to all kind of needs. You can do a small trek or, like us, a one day 20km trek. You can even do homestay in a village. You can't go wrong with Sinh
Shenay R
Shenay R
Read More
We had a great 6 hour village trek. He is very friendly & helpful, also good English. Great adventure & learned many things! 🙂 He even ran back to the village to buy us raincoats when it rained, thank you!

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13 reviews
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