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Would you like to see all of the best places in Sapa? If yes, this Two-day motorbike tour is for you. You will get to see 80% of Sapa.

We are Trekking Tour Sapa, a team of authentic local guides in this area. We were born and raised here, which is help us know exactly the best route, most spectacular places, and in-depth cultural knowledge.

We make it different, unlike any tour or anything you could found on your own or any company offer it in sapa.

With 2 days 1-night motorbike tour, we will take you to visit Love waterfall, silver waterfall, Heave Gate and visit 10 different villages of the Hmong, Giay, and Red Dao ethnic minorities.

The tour will give you the chance to enjoy fantastic mountain landscapes as well as to see Sapa’s biggest river and valley.

Our tour guide will also introduce you to Hmong’s unique marriage traditions, rice fieldwork and house-building techniques, and much more!

All the ways, you will see the famous rice terrace fields and learn more about the culture, customs, and traditions of the 4 main different ethnic minorities in Sapa.

Reasons to book this experience

01. A local private guide: A Local guide in a private tour only get your needs focused, and has enough time to answer all your questions.

02. Enjoy visiting the traditional villages as well as Vietnam’s most famous rice terraces – ideal photo shooting scenery, culture, and local people.
03. Motorbike offside the touristic paths.
04. Private guided visit to 5 different ethnic minority villages in Sapa.
05. Meeting the country’s most representative animals such as the water buffalo.
06. Genuine homestay experience with authentic, local food.
07. Trip Grading: Ride motorbike on your own or sit on the back of the bike with driver

08. You will get to see 80% of Sapa.


Day 1: Sapa – Heaven Gate – Love Waterfull – Silver Waterfall – Sa Seng – Hang Da – Sau Chua – Y Linh Ho – Lao Chai – Ta Van (61km or around 6 hours

The tour starts at 8:40 am. Our guide will meet you at your hotel in Sapa town or in front of Sapa’s main church, then our motorbike tour riders team will tell you how to sit and how to keep safe on the back of the bike. And then starts the first day to explore Sapa.

9:40 am: Reaching the Heaven Gate which is the highest road in Vietnam at 2.047 m above sea level, here you will get to see the spectacular view of nature.

10:10 am: Visit Love Waterfall, we will leave our motorbike at Tram Ton Pass, we will then walk about 1.1 km along the Golden River to visit Love Waterfall. After returning to Tram Ton Pass.

11:25 am: Visit Silver Waterfall, we will visit this waterfall about 25 minutes. With the height of 200m high and playing the role of the upstream of Muong Hoa Stream, the white water flowing of Silver Falls Sapa falls down the stream all year round.

12:00 pm: Go back Sapa town, then have lunch.

1:20 pm: Continue the trip to Sa Seng village, a village of Hmong people. Shooting with nature view and local people.

2:30 pm: Reaching Hang Da village.

3:00 pm: Reaching Sau Chua village, get to see the panorama view of Muong Hoa valley.

3:30 pm: Get to Y Linh Ho, a village of Black Hmong people. You will get see the panorama view of Muong Hoa Valley and breathtaking scenery of rice paddies.

4:00 pm: Reaching Lao Chai, a traditional village of Hmong, another beautifull panorama view.

4:30 pm: Reaching at Homestay (Ta Van), a village of Giay and Black Hmong ethnic minorities.

4:40 pm: Check in at the homestay, you will then have some time to rest, take a hot shower and get ready for your dinner – if you want, you will also have the chance to take part to an informal cooking class!

Day 2: Ta Van – Hau Thao & Giang Ta Chai – Su Pan – Thanh Kim – Ban Phung – Ban Ho – Sapa (around 80Km = 6 hours).

9:30 am: After Breakfast at the homestay, you will continue the trip to Hau Thao & Giang Ta Chai, a village of Hmong People.

10:00 am: Reaching at Su Pan village.

11:30 am: Visit Thanh Kim, a village of Red Dao ethnic minority, these people still wear their tradition ethnic costumes and live lives unchanged little, for centuries. Both men and the women generally cover their heads with black or red scarves.

12:00 pm: Reaching Ban Phung village, it’s a no touristy place, quiet and those people are still true nature.

1:00 pm: Go back to Ban Den (Su Pan) have lunch.

2:00 pm: After lunch, you will be visiting Ban Ho, a village of Tay ethnic minority, meet amazing local people.

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm: Back to Sapa town. End Of the Tour.

(The tour will end at about 15:00 in Sapa town, so you can book a bus back to Hanoi or somewhere after that)

Bus From Hanoi to Sapa (Optionnal)

This is optional and will not include in the tour price.

Bus from Hanoi <=> Sapa, It takes about 6 hours. If you arrive at Sapa early, the bus will let you sleep until 5 AM.

The Cabin Sleeper Bus and Single Cabin Sleeper Bus are private, but if you are taller than 1m7, you might consider the Sleeper Bus because you can adjust the bed, making you more comfortable. However, if you want private, the other 2 options would be best.

Once we receive your booking, we will confirm and send you the bus tickets.

You can see the little Badge Text on the image below for more details about which bus to choose.

A Cabin Sleeper Bus/42USD/way: This is a cabin with 2 small beds that you can sleep 2 people. If you are a couple or want to make it private, this is the best choice (you can see it in the image).

A single cabin sleeper bus/22USD/way: This is a single cabin with 1 bed that you can sleep with 1 person (Meaning: 1 person/ 1 single cabin). If you are one person and want to make your bus trip private, nothing is better than this option (you can see it in the image).

Sleeper bus/17USD/way: This is a single bed (not private) that you can sleep with 1 person (you can see it in the image).

The times below apply to all bus types.

Pick Up Ha Noi <=6hours=> Arrive Sapa

Pick Up Sapa <=6hours=> Arrive Hanoi

06:30, 13:30, 21:30 (at 5 P. Trần Nguyên Hãn) ⇔ Arive (at 436 Đường Điện Biên Phủ)

13:30, 16:00, 22:00 (at 436 Đường Điện Biên Phủ) ⇔ Arive (at 5 P. Trần Nguyên Hãn)

Good to know

Price for a private tour

USD190 : One person
USD360 : 2 people($180/per person)
USD525 : 3 peopl(175USD/per person)
USD680: 4 people(170USD/per person)
USD840: 5 people(168USD/per person)
USD990: 6 people(165USD/per person)
USD1155: 7 people(165USD/per person)
USD1296: 8 people(162USD/per person)
USD1440: 9 people(160USD/per person)
USD1600: 10 people(160USD/per person)

Price for a group tour

(In case you have 1 - 3 people)
USD170/person: A group of 2 - 6 people
How it works?
* We will let you know a day before the tour starts about 'how many people will join you on the day.'
* Extra USD10 (pay later), if nobody joins you on the departure day, then your tour will be one private (only one person)
*But if you are above 2 people and you still want to make a group tour, there will NOT extra charge if nobody joins you on departure the day.

Pick Up

From your hotel in Sa Pa or in front of Sapa Church

Drop Off

In your hotel in Sapa or Sapa center

The tour will include

♦️ 2 Lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast.
♦️ 1-night accommodation (homestay)
♦️ Village entry fees
♦️ A large of water/per person.
♦️ English speaking tour guide.
♦️ Motorbike petrol
♦️ Motorbike driver

The tour will NOT include

♦️ Personal travel insurance
♦️ Extra drinks during hiking (e.g., bottled water or beer)
♦️ Tips

Things you should bring

♦️ Waterproof Jacket - Prepare in case of bad weather.
♦️ Comfortable clothes
♦️ Mosquito repellent
♦️ Cash for additional purchases - You might want to buy some local traditional products or your drink.
♦️ Good shoes.
♦️ A Jacket - Use when you do this tour in winter (The temperature is about 6 -10 °C in winter)
♦️ Sunscreen

Our convenience & note

🔉*Bonuses: If you have a hotel in Sapa, I highly recommend you leave your luggage there, if you don't have a hotel in Sapa you can leave your luggage with us once we meet you at Sapa Church at 9 AM and the shower is available after the tour

How Private Tour Works

Personal Travel Specialist
Dedicated travel specialist

Handpicked Accommodation (Homestay)
Best location & price

Flexible Meal Plan
Tickle your taste buds

Private Guide and Car
Hassle-free tour experience

Adjust the physical activity
We can adjust the difficulty of all of our hikes to your wishes and abilities.

Responsive Customer Service
24/7 care

How A Group Tour Works

It’s a great way to meet people The tour offers the chance to meet new friends and acquaintances, in some cases, from all over the globe

Lower price and FUNE
If you are looking to save money, a group tour is definitely the best way to do that

We make it FUN and SAFE
Travelling alone can be a little daunting. There are many people who feel the pull of last-minute solo holidays. With new friends, you will feel happier and time will pass faster.
All of the details are sorted out for you!
Whether you are travelling alone, or simply prefer the convenience of not having to spend an age online deciding where to stay and which route to take, group travel tours can be a complete lifesaver

Cancellation Policy

  • 7+ days prior tour start date: 100% reimbursement of the tour price (no cancellation charges)
  • 6 to 2-days prior tour start date: 25% reimbursement of the tour price
  • 1 day prior or same day of tour start date: no reimbursement

Why Us?

Trekking Tour Sapa owned by a team of Hmong ethnic minorities in Sapa. We use our local knowledge to create hiking, trekking, and motorbike tours for those wanting to discover the best and most beautiful areas of Sapa. We were born and raised in this region which helps us to show you places that many companies else may not be able to provide.

Locally & Minority Owned
Benefiting the local Black H’mong and neighboring ethnic tribal people.

Get the real Sa Pa Experience.

Ethical Tribal Visits
Preserving the culture of the H’mong and other ethnic minority peoples.

See the beauty of Sapa and help to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

Book Your Private Trek Online

When Would You Like To Start The Tour?

(9AM - 10AM only)
(Bellow 8 years old)

Bus Hanoi <=> Sapa (Optional)

06:30, 13:30, 21:30 - Only
13:30, 16:00, 22:00 - Only
  • Total: $0

3 Reviews

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Sinh is an extremely friendly person who I would definitely recommend meeting. He was knowledgable and accommodating. We booked a day trek with him and asked about transportation. He arranged for a shuttle to pick up the six of us at Lao Cai train station and take us to our hotel. Thing is .. we booked the wrong week! We booked a week later than we arrived. We sent a message to Sinh at 6:00 AM when we arrived at the train station the morning of our intended trek day. He was understanding and luckily, was free for a tour. We had to arrange alternative transportation because it was last second and we were already at the train station. Sinh met us at our hotel promptly at 9 AM. He brought us each a bottle of water and explained the route he would be taking us on. He examined our footwear to make sure they were appropriate for the trek. Along the trek, he made the effort to have some conversation with each person in the group. He was there to help us when we seemed stuck on the trail. He arranged for lunch part way through the hike which was pretty good. He also had a shuttle pick us up when we were done trekking to take us back to our hotel. It took us about 6ish hours to complete the trek. Time will depend on how fast your group moves. This was a great experience at a brand new place. Sinh definitely helped make it great. Thank you, Sinh!!
Read More
I was so bloody happy to supppry Sinh as a member of the Black H’mong. Many guiding experiences do not benefit the local villages due to foreign ownership. Sinh connected me with other locals and was so fun to run down the trails with. If you’re in shape and looking to get a good sweat and laugh along the way, he’s your man. I spent a total of 4 days with Sinh on various treks throughout the valley and up Fansipan. I feel fortunate to have found him on Airbnb and make a new friend in Sapa.
Neha Noor
Neha Noor
Read More
I took a full day motorbike tour of Sapa with "Trekking Tour Sapa." Right from the beginning, Sinh was an extremely professional, knowledgable and kind tour guide. He stopped in many areas so I could take some beautiful pictures and also added a short hike to my tour. He was very good at explaining everything to me about Sapa and the beautiful villages. I had a lovely lunch with him and his lovely family. They were very gracious and the food was delicious. I would definitely recommend booking a tour with Trekking Tour Sapa and Sinh! It was a great experience!

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When Would You Like To Start The Tour?

From USD170/person

(9AM - 10AM only)
(Bellow 8 years old)

Bus Hanoi <=> Sapa (Optional)

06:30, 13:30, 21:30 - Only
13:30, 16:00, 22:00 - Only
  • Total: $0
3 reviews
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