Sapa Trekking and Homestay (Non – Touristic)

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Trekking through the stunning rice fields in Sapa’s traditional villages

We will trek from Sapa town to the Muong Hoa valley, which is one of the large rice paddies in North Vietnam. We’ll visit some traditional villages such as Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Giang Ta Chai, and the other conventional villages without tourism like Su Pan, Ban Lech, and Thanh Kim.

You will be witnessing the local daily life and learning about their traditions, customs, culture, and more. You’ll meet at 4 different ethnic minorities in different villages.

The country’s most representative animals are water buffalo, cows, goats, etc.

You can able to join cooking traditional with your guide and the host.

Depending on the time of year, we’ll see farmers planting or harvesting rice and witness the daily life of northern Vietnam’s minority tribes.

Reasons to book this experience

You will get to see the stunning view of the terraced rice fields and gorgeous landscaper of the mountains and valleys. We will trek across the 7 traditional villages and meet up at four different ethnic minority groups.

01. A local private guide: A Local guide in a private tour only get your needs focused, and has enough time to answer all your questions.

02. Get to see the famous and biggest rice terrace fields in Vietnam, the biggest river and valley in Sapa.

03. Trekking tours off the beaten tracks.

04. Meet good people and eat good foods.

05. Genuine homestay experience with authentic, local food.
06. Main attractions and points of interest include Vietnam’s rice terraces, bamboo forest, mountain trekking up to 1.800 meters above sea level.


Day 1: Trekking Through Amazing Rice Paddies and Traditional Villages

9:00 AM: Our guide will meet you at Sapa’s Church ((Notre Dame Cathedral) or your accommodation. After a short introduction, you will be taken by our local experience to the first village of Y Linh Ho.

9:30 AM: You will admire the most beautiful terraced rice fields – The idea to take a great photo (this is just below the town).

10:00 AM: We arrive in Y Linh Ho, a village of Black Hmong people. Here, we will walk across a hanging bridge to the next side of the Hoa Lien Son mountain.

10:30 AM: You will see the Back Hmong ethnic people’s daily life and learn more about their culture and traditions. This tribble has a unique arrange marriage, and best traditional skill house building.

11: 00 AM: Our guide will show you the indigo and hemp used to make traditional clothes.

Noon: We will have lunch at a local Black Hmong family restaurant.

1:00 PM: After lunch, we will continue the walk to the Lao Chai. Here, you also get to see the incredible view of the rice fields on the hills.

1:30 PM: Arrive at the Lao Chai village, where the Black Hmong people live; it is also the beginning of a valley called Muong Hoa valley.

2:00 PM: We will reach Ta Van, a village of Giay ethnic minorities. Here you will learn about two cultures of the Back Hmong and Giay people. You will see the design of those houses is different from the other ethnic minority. Ta Van is also the last village on the first-day hike.

4:00 – 5:00 PM: We will arrive at the homestay, where your local host family will welcome you. You will then have some time to rest, take a hot shower, and get ready for your dinner – if you want, you will also have the chance to participate in an informal cooking class!

Day 2: Bamboo Forest and Mountain Landscaper

7:30 AM: When you wake up the following day and open the window, you can see the clouds flowing through the valley while the sun rises above the mountains.

9:30 AM: After a nice breakfast in the homestay, we will begin the next day’s trek. From the village, we will walk uphill until we reach a bamboo forest.

10:30 AM: We keep walking until we reach the top of a waterfall. From here, you have a beautiful view of the village of Giang ta Chai.

11:30 – Noon: We reach Su Pan, where you will have lunch at the local Vietnamese restaurant.

1:00 PM: We will continue walking from the restaurant to the center of the Su Pan; this is a small village close to the mountains of Black Hmong people. From here, you can shoot photos with a panorama view of rice fields, the locals here live in small traditional houses, and life is still true to nature.

1:30 PM: After visiting Su Pan, we will continue on a little jungle route to Ban Lech Hmong village, where you will see the incredible view of Muong Hoa valley (forward to Sapa town), which is 1.500 meters above the level sea – this view will be your own. This hill, we also called Tiger Mountains because a long time ago the tigers are living in this place, it’s a true story – Our guide will explain to you more about it.

3:00 PM: We will then go downhill to the Lech Dao, where you will see the different ethnic minorities of the Red Dao people; this tribe is known for their expertise in herbal medicine and the usage of plants from the land to treat many illnesses.

4:00 – 5:00 PM: We will arrive at the Red Dao tribe Homestay; you will have time to take a hot shower and wait for your dinner.

Day 3: Red Dao Culture and Homestay Experience

7:30 AM: Wake up in the morning; here, you will have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of the rice terrace fields. Then you will have a delicious breakfast.

9:00 AM: We will start the trek to the Lech Hmong, a village of the Black H’Mong Ethnic minorities, where you will get to see the beautiful view and friendly people and learn more about the unique Hmong marriage traditional.

10:30: We arrive at the top of Lech Hmong Mountain View; here, you will see the panorama view of this village. It is a fabulous view. Here is no tourism; the light will be your own.

11: 30 AM: We then downhill to a valley with a fantastic panorama view.

Noon: We will arrive at the bottom, at a small traditional village of Red Dao people. You will have lunch at the local house and learn about their authentic life. This tribble has the traditional cooking wine, and they use many treatments, especially medicinal baths, and know which plants from the forest to use to treat many illnesses.

1:30 PM: After lunch, we will continue the trek on the hill to a different village.

2:30 – 3:00 PM: You will arrive at Ban Phung, a community of Red Dao ethnic minorities. There is a school on the top with a fantastic valley view. You will meet local students playing at the school.

4:00 – 4:30 PM: Arrive at the homestay, an accommodation of the Red Dao ethnic minorities, enjoy your shower, and have fun talking with your guide and the Red Dao people.

Day 4: Downward To The valley and Enjoy the fabulous View

7:30 AM: Get 9:00 AM: After saying bye-bye to your host, we will continue the trek to some traditional houses – here, you will learn about the local skill of house building and the way they make their beautiful red clothes.

10:00 PM: We will trek to a mountainside, and you will have the chance to admire the gorgeous view of the valley. This is the way from Sapa town to Lao Cai.up and enjoy a nice cut of coffee or tea, then prepare for your breakfast.


11:00 AM: We will reach the bottom of the valley; here, you will see a big hydroelectric built by the government in Sapa.

Noon: We will arrive at the next side of the valley; here is a different road from Lao Cai to Sapa.

Here we have 2 options for you to consider as follows:

The first option: If you booked a train from Lao Cai to Hanoi, our driver would bring your luggage and a tasty picnic lunch to you and your guide here. After lunch, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM, we will bring you back to Lao Cao Provence. You might reach Lao Cai at 3 PM. After that, our guide will show you a good coffee place, and then your guide will return to Sapa with the driver. – End of the tour

The second option: If you booked a bus from Sapa, our driver would bring you back to a small market, then you will have 30 minutes lunch at the market. After lunch, the driver will bring you back to Sapa ( at our office or your accommodation) – End of the tour,

Don’t forget to hug our guides and keep in touch. It’ll likely be an experience to remember, and a new friend made.

Please let us know what option you prefer.

(The tour will end at about 15:00 in Sapa town, so you can book a bus back to Hanoi or somewhere after that)

Bus From Hanoi to Sapa (Optionnal)

This is optional and will not include in the tour price.

Bus from Hanoi <=> Sapa, It takes about 6 hours. If you arrive at Sapa early, the bus will let you sleep until 5 AM.

The Cabin Sleeper Bus and Single Cabin Sleeper Bus are private, but if you are taller than 1m7, you might consider the Sleeper Bus because you can adjust the bed, making you more comfortable. However, if you want private, the other 2 options would be best.

Once we receive your booking, we will confirm and send you the bus tickets.

You can see the little Badge Text on the image below for more details about which bus to choose.

A Cabin Sleeper Bus/42USD/way: This is a cabin with 2 small beds that you can sleep 2 people. If you are a couple or want to make it private, this is the best choice (you can see it in the image).

A single cabin sleeper bus/22USD/way: This is a single cabin with 1 bed that you can sleep with 1 person (Meaning: 1 person/ 1 single cabin). If you are one person and want to make your bus trip private, nothing is better than this option (you can see it in the image).

Sleeper bus/17USD/way: This is a single bed (not private) that you can sleep with 1 person (you can see it in the image).

The times below apply to all bus types.

Pick Up Ha Noi <=6hours=> Arrive Sapa

Pick Up Sapa <=6hours=> Arrive Hanoi

06:30, 13:30, 21:30 (at 5 P. Trần Nguyên Hãn) ⇔ Arive (at 436 Đường Điện Biên Phủ)

13:30, 16:00, 22:00 (at 436 Đường Điện Biên Phủ) ⇔ Arive (at 5 P. Trần Nguyên Hãn)

Good to know

Price for a private tour

USD240 : One person
USD408 : 2 people(204USD/per person)
USD576 : 3 people(192USD/per person)
USD720: 4 people(180USD/per person)
USD840: 5 people(168USD/per person)
USD979: 6 people(163USD/per person)
USD1092: 7 people(156USD/per person)
USD1248: 8 people(156USD/per person)
USD1404: 9 people(156USD/per person)
USD1560: 10 people(156USD/per person)

Price for a group tour

(In case you have 1 - 3 people)
USD190/person: A group of 2 - 6 people
How it works?
* We will let you know a day before the tour starts about 'how many people will join you on the day.'
* Extra USD18 (pay later), if nobody joins you on the departure day, then your tour will be one private (only one person)
*But if you are above 2 people and you still want to make a group tour, there will NOT extra charge if nobody joins you on departure the day.

Pick Up

From your hotel in Sa Pa or in front of Sapa Church

Drop Off

In your hotel in Sapa or Sapa center

The tour will include

♦️ 3 breakfast + 4 lunches + 3 dinners
♦️ 3-night accommodation (homestay)
♦️ Village entry fees
♦️ English speaking guide
♦️ 2 big bottle of water/per person
♦️ Transport back to Sapa after the end of the tour in villages

The tour will NOT include

♦️ Personal travel insurance
♦️ Extra drinks during hiking (e.g., bottled water or beer)
♦️ Tips

Things you should bring

♦️ Waterproof Jacket - Prepare in case of bad weather.
♦️ Comfortable clothes - Use while trekking, especially in summer
♦️ Mosquito repellent
♦️ Cash for additional purchases - You might want to buy some local traditional products or your drink at homestays.
♦️ Trekking shoes - Good shoes are OK, but trekking is the best.
♦️ A Jacket - Use when you do this tour in winter (The temperature is about 6 -10 °C in winter)
♦️ Sunscreen

Our convenience & note

🔉*Bonuses: If you have a hotel in Sapa, I highly recommend you leave your luggage there, if you don't have a hotel in Sapa you can leave your luggage with us once we meet you at Sapa Church at 9 AM and the shower is available after the tour

How Private Tour Works

Personal Travel Specialist Dedicated travel specialist

Handpicked Accommodation (Homestay)
Best location & price

Flexible Meal Plan
Tickle your taste buds

Private Guide and Car
Hassle-free tour experience

Adjust the physical activity
We can adjust the difficulty of all of our hikes to your wishes and abilities.

Responsive Customer Service
24/7 care

How A Group Tour Works

It’s a great way to meet people The tour offers the chance to meet new friends and acquaintances, in some cases, from all over the globe

Lower price and FUNE
If you are looking to save money, a group tour is definitely the best way to do that

We make it FUN and SAFE
Travelling alone can be a little daunting. There are many people who feel the pull of last-minute solo holidays. With new friends, you will feel happier and time will pass faster.
All of the details are sorted out for you!
Whether you are travelling alone, or simply prefer the convenience of not having to spend an age online deciding where to stay and which route to take, group travel tours can be a complete lifesaver

Cancellation Policy

  • 7+ days prior tour start date: 100% reimbursement of the tour price (no cancellation charges)
  • 6 to 2-days prior tour start date: 25% reimbursement of the tour price
  • 1 day prior or same day of tour start date: no reimbursement

Why Us?

Trekking Tour Sapa owned by a team of Hmong ethnic minorities in Sapa. We use our local knowledge to create hiking, trekking, and motorbike tours for those wanting to discover the best and most beautiful areas of Sapa. We were born and raised in this region which helps us to show you places that many companies else may not be able to provide.

Locally & Minority Owned
Benefiting the local Black H’mong and neighboring ethnic tribal people.

Get the real Sa Pa Experience.

Ethical Tribal Visits
Preserving the culture of the H’mong and other ethnic minority peoples.

See the beauty of Sapa and help to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

Book Your Private Trek Online

When Would You Like To Start The Tour?

(9AM - 10AM only)
(Bellow 8 years old)

Bus Hanoi <=> Sapa (Optional)

06:30, 13:30, 21:30 - Only
13:30, 16:00, 22:00 - Only
  • Total: $0

7 Reviews

Read More
I loved the trekking tour with the guide Pao. We hiked up a mountain, came along some rice fields, butterfly swarms and local villages. The night I could stay at Su's Homestay which was amazing. They are friendly and care a lot. I enjoyed the stories of the local life which Pao told me 🙂 Don't miss it!
Read More
I had the chance to do the one day hiking with Chu and it was an absolute pleasure. She was smily, attentive and caring. I highly recommend her for your best experiences around Sapa!
Rita Nguyen
Rita Nguyen
Read More
Our guide Tzu was very knowledgeable and has shown us the beauty of Sapa outside of mainstream destinations. We didn’t travel in the right season but the rice paddy fields were still beautiful. Tzu knew the area inside out and could adjust the route for our conditions. Note that most of the walk is downhill, so good walking shoes (waterproof as well if possible because it can get muddy) and good knee condition are recommended. Before the trip, we’d expected to see many beautiful landscapes and the varying terrains of Sapa, but unfortunately, it was quite hazy for most of our trip so the far away views were not really visible. Instead, we had some eye-opening moments learning about the life and culture of the Hmong ethnicity, some of which can be both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. We highly recommend this tour!
Read More
Very well organized trek with our local H'mong guide Bau. She showed us picturesque rice fields, water buffalos, we hiked up and down the hills around Sapa. Our overnight stay in a H'mong village was really nice and welcoming. We really recommend this tour and would definitively do it again!
Aislinn R
Aislinn R
Read More
There aren't enough words to describe how much we loved our experience with Sinh and his wife. We opted for the 3 day trek, which for us was perfect. We trekked on a range of terrains: forest paths, mountain side, fields and on the road side. The scenery we saw was breathtaking. Sapa is one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen. The homestays were wonderful and a great way to feel immersed in the community. The Hmong hospitality and the food (OMG) was amazing! Especially the 2nd night in Ban Ho Village. Sinh and his wife were the best guide team we could have asked for, as both of them grew up in a Sapa village. Patient, knowledgeable, funny and so helpful on those slippy hills (I did not pack the right shoes). Sinh, not only knew the area like the back of his hand, he also knew everything there was to know about each of the ethnic minority communities. We learnt about the Hmong, Tay and Red Dao tribes in the Sapa, their way of life and their rare skills with textiles. We especially enjoyed learning about Sinh's own life, how he grew up and meeting his family. We felt that he was more than just a tour guide, he became our friend. Absolutely choose this tour and you will not be disappointed. Notes from our tour: - We got the overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, getting off the platform there's lots of people waiting to take you on buses to Sapa City, this cost us 50,000 per person. If you can afford to, I would recommend using Sinh's best friend, he owns a private taxi and you would be supporting a local, this cost us 400,000 for a 45 minute drive. (Lái xe: A Dê - (+84) 0912436697), or you can sort it out through Sinh. - We hiked in trainers. These, I think, would have been fine had it not rained heavily in the area the previous week. The paths were muddy and slippery, we needed a lot of help getting down the trails. And obviously our shoes were wet and muddy at the end of each day. Which we just embraced :p Sinh and his wife walked in rain boots, which you can pick up in Sapa. We would highly recommend all weather trekking shoes with a good grip, the weather is variable. - There will be 3ish local women that will come with your group. This is inevitable and not a threat at all. They are very friendly. We would have struggled more without them, they helped us when our shoes lost grip on the paths. They came with us each morning, and helped us. At lunch time, they showed us their crafts, these were authentic batik designs on cushions, scarfs, bags and purses. We bought things as we wanted to support the local minority culture and as a thank you for their help. If you're not interested in buying from them, tell them at the beginning of the trek as they won't ask for anything until the end of the trek. To Bring • Trekking Shoes • Waterproof • Sunscreen • Bug Spray • Clean clothes for after nightly showers (We trekked in the same thing each day) • Waterproof for bags Provided • One big bottle of water per person • All food (with exception of beer, soft drinks etc) • Mosquito nets • Towels • WiFi • Flipflops • Bedding
 Chris Arnesen
Chris Arnesen
Read More
Sinh who I later came to know as Mr. Sun met us promptly on the morning of day 1 of our trek. The prospect of spending 3 days with a random dude from the internet can be scary, but his huge smile and affable nature put us right at ease. We mostly made small talk as we made our way out of the town, but it soon became clear that Mr. Sun was the real deal, a true local guide. Over the next 3 days we had the pleasure of trekking with him through his homeland. I appreciate a lot about the time we spent together. A few things in particular stand out. We trekked some pretty obscure off-the-beaten paths that you wouldn't find with a transplant guide. Many times that we'd cross paths with some locals Mr. Sun would pause and shoot the breeze. It was inevitably a friend of his from high school or brother of an in-law. One time it was someone he didn't know, but knew him, which confirmed my theory that he's a bit of a local celebrity. I'm really curious and asked a lot of questions, “what's this?” and “why that?”. He almost always had a good answer and when he didn't he looked it up and reported back later, e.g. "it's cassava!". The homestay that we stayed at on our first night was great. We had a private room. It was very clean. The food was tasty. We had a ton of fun at dinner chatting with the family and the other guests late into the evening over homemade apple wine. On day 2 we made a pit stop at Mr. Sun’s family home. It was an honor to get a peak into where he grew up and still lives today. By the end of day 2 we were exhausted from trekking! We had another nice evening in a different homestay again having fun chatting with the other guests, guides, and the family that lived there, this time over rice wine 🙂 The morning of the third day we had a tasty breakfast of crepes and locally-grown bananas before completing another half day of trekking. Finally Sinh had arranged for us to go by car back to Sapa city. Overall the experience was amazing. We learned so much about the people and culture of the region. It was a lot of hiking, which is exactly what we were looking for. I wholeheartedly recommend Sinh and his company Trekking Tour Sapa.
Jiří Pavlinec
Jiří Pavlinec
Read More
Awesome trekking experience. Sinh Is great tour guide!!!! forget about all travel agencies and go diretly with this guy. This was my 2nd time in SaPa and compare to the agency trip, this was much better! Sinh thank you very much for this experience my friend!

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Bus Hanoi <=> Sapa (Optional)

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7 reviews
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