Mountain views and villages trek – 1 Day

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From Sapa town, our local guide will bring you up to the mountain views (above Sapa town), where it is 1.900m above the level sea. 

Here, you will get to see all of Sapa town with the beautiful landscaper as well as to see the Fansipan mountain 3.143m (The Roof Of Indochina).

The tour will give you the chance to see Sapa’s biggest river and valley (when you could look down to the Muong Hoa valley).

You will also see the biggest and famous rice terrace fields in Vietnam (Muong Hoa valley). Visit the Hang Da and Hau Thao village where are homes to the Black Hmong minority.

Our tour guide will also introduce you to Hmong’s unique marriage traditions, rice fields work, house-building techniques, and 5 different ethnic minorities in Sapa and much more!

Reasons to book this experience

01. A local private guide: A Local guide in a private tour only get your needs focused, and has enough time to answer all your questions.

02. Get to see the famous and biggest rice terrace fields in Vietnam, the biggest river and valley in Sapa.

03. Get to see the Fansipan mountain, 3.143m highest in Asia.

04. Mountain trekking up to 1.900m above sea level.

05. Meeting the country’s most representative animals such as the water buffalo.

06. Visit 2 different villages of the Black Hmong.


Prompt and flexible pick-up. Free for all places located in Sapa town OR our best place is in the font of Sapa’s main church. After a short introduction, we will take 1km uphill on a small trail to the mountain views.

Lookover to Fansipan mountain 3.143m
After 1 hour of hard trekking, you will be at the top of Sa Seng mountain where you will get to see the Fansipan mountain 3.143m, highest in Indochina as well as all of Sapa town.

See stunning rice terraced fields
From the top of the Sa Seng mountain, have a look down, you will get to see the famous and most significant rice terraced fields in Vietnam (in Muong Hoa valley) as well as see the biggest river and valley in Sapa.

Go straight to Hang Da village
After enjoying the beautiful landscape, we will be continuing our way on mountainside down to Hang Da, a village of the Black Hmong minority.

Next, the tour will give you the chance to see some animals such as buffalos, cores, pigs (they are the most important animal of local people).

Have lunch
And then we will have lunch at a small restaurant run by a local family.

Hike straight to Hau Thao village
After lunch, we will make our way on a small road down to Hau Thao, a village of Black Hmong ethnic minority.

The Black Hmong daily life and rice fields
Arrive in Hau Thao village, here you will see the local’s daily life if it’s the right time you will get to see the local people are working on the fields such as harvesting or planting rice.

The Hmong’s unique marriage
Our tour guide will also introduce you to Hmong’s unique marriage traditions, rice fields work, and house building techniques.

Back to the town
And then, we will walk to Giang Ta Chai village where our transport is waiting for us on the main road, and then bring us back to Sa Pa. End of the tour.

Good to know

Price details

Mountain view and village price


From your hotel in Sa Pa or in the front of Sapa main Church.

Drop Off

In your hotel in Sapa or Sapa center

The tour will include

The tour will NOT include

Things you should bring

Our convenience & note

01. If you have a big bag or a big suitcase, no worries. I have a store in Sapa where you can leave your luggage when you arrive as well as take a shower before you leave Sapa. Then you can bring a small bag while trekking.

02.  We can arrange a bus or train for you from Hanoi – Sapa and back Hanoi. If you need any helps with the service, please contact us for more information.

03. The tour starts at 9 am, ends at around 3 pm

How Private Tour Works

Personal Travel Specialist Dedicated travel specialist

Handpicked Accommodation (Homestay)
Best location & price

Flexible Meal Plan
Tickle your taste buds

Private Guide and Car
Hassle-free tour experience

Adjust the physical activity
We can adjust the difficulty of all of our hikes to your wishes and abilities.

Responsive Customer Service
24/7 care

Cancellation Policy

7+ days prior tour start date: 100% reimbursement of the tour price (no cancellation charges)

6 to 2-days prior tour start date: 25% reimbursement of the tour price

1 day prior or same day of tour start date: no reimbursement

Why Us?

Trekking Tour Sapa owned by a team of Hmong ethnic minorities in Sapa. We use our local knowledge to create hiking, trekking, and motorbike tours for those wanting to discover the best and most beautiful areas of Sapa. We were born and raised in this region which helps us to show you places that many companies else may not be able to provide.

Locally & Minority Owned
Benefiting the local Black H’mong and neighboring ethnic tribal people.

Get the real Sa Pa Experience.

Ethical Tribal Visits
Preserving the culture of the H’mong and other ethnic minority peoples.

See the beauty of Sapa and help to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

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9 Reviews

September 2019
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One of the highlights of our trip! This was definitely one of the highlights from our trip. Not only is Sapa and the views stunning but our guide Npaus was absolutely awesome. She was funny, informative and spoke great English. We were given the option to to a trek up into the mountains or one in the valley. We opted for the more difficult mountain route. Npaus gave us as many breaks as we needed and they did provide a bottle of water. But I suggest bringing additional water as it’s hard and hot. Walking through the local villages was so cool and the way they live and interact is unique. We booked everything through Sinh who was very responsive and followed through to make sure we had all questions answered. Really such a unique and wonderful experience. And our guide confirmed that the money goes directly to the locals, an even bigger plus. Thanks for a fabulous experience!
Chan P
Chan P
June 2019
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Gorgeous, gorgeous views throughout the trip with a really friendly and knowledgeable guide! Sinh was awesome 🙂 The trek is for sure moderate to challenging so make sure to give yourself the next day to relax. Also, if it rains the day before, there's lots of potential for slipping and sliding, so make sure to wear clothes and bags you don't mind getting dirty. The sliding actually made it more fun and the trek is incredibly worth getting a little messy. After the trek, we had a great lunch (included + you can buy drinks extra) and walked around the villages. Again, Sinh was very knowledgeable about the local ethnic minority being a local himself! All in all, excellent trip, would definitely recommend!
Romy W
Romy W
May 2019
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Me and my mum went to sapa to do the trek. From the moment he met us, Sinh was friendly, happy, and so welcoming! Our group - just as amazing! Sinh really gave us a brilliant experience. He took us on the most beautiful trek, we got to see the way of life, the stunning scenery, and he welcomed us into his family home. He shared so much information with us, and he was so knowledgable, yet he shared it with fun, and always with a happy smile. The kindest and sweetest person. Thankyou so very much for our time in sapa, you really are one of a kind.
Mathieu R
Mathieu R
March 2019
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Trekking with Sinh was by far the highlight of our stay in Sapa. Sinh is a Hmong guide and while you walk, he will teach you the culture of the different indigenous people of the Sapa valley. As guide he is always trying to give you the best experience and make sure you are safe (rocks are often slippery) Sinh will adapt to all kind of needs. You can do a small trek or, like us, a one day 20km trek. You can even do homestay in a village. You can't go wrong with Sinh
April 2019
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We hiked 2 days one night with Tzu, Sinh's sister. We traveled several villages and slept in a cottage in Ta Van. Tzu is an amazing guide. She answers all our questions in excellent English. We had a great time with him. Thank you for sharing your culture with so passion. We recommand this tour for sure. Isabelle et Michel
James Brook
James Brook
May 2019
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I was Invited to go to Sapa and enjoy the trip organized by Sinh. Expecting nothing as I had heard so many review on how Sapa is boring, I was shocked and amazed by the scenery of Sapa Sinh showed us through the tour. All the terraced rice field, the H’mong children smile, the sky, the cloud and much more than that totally rocks my mind. I am 100% sure that this is the Sapa I was looking for. Natural, untouched, beautiful and ... I guess you will have to discover that by yourself with Sinh (don’t wanna be a spoiler). Pls come and enjoy! Sinh is so far the best Sapa tour guide you need while staying in Sapa! Thank you Sinh, wish you and your family all the best wishes in the future!
Paula E
Paula E
March 2019
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Sometimes when traveling it is difficult to receive an authentic and true experience when going with a guide, but with Sinh it is truly going on an adventure with a long time friend. He was able to accommodate the trip and make it even more enjoyable than expected. I also loved how up front he was with everything and we did not have any surprises regarding trip details. We got to practice some Vietnamese, English and Spanish. He is very sweet and knowledgeable about Sapa and the surrounding areas and he really enjoyed sharing his culture with us. Thank you Sinh for making our experience in Sapa better than we could have hoped. Thank you!
July 2019
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We enjoyed the trek with Sinh and his brother. We hiked through corn fields, went over barbed wire fences, crossed streams and balanced our way across muddy rice terraces. Our shoes were dirty compared to other tourists taking tours from other companies... and that's exactly what we were looking for. Thank you Sinh (and baby brother) for the fun experience. Tip: Wear trekking shoes with good grip!
John Doe
John Doe
June 2019
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The trek was a challenging and an overall exciting experience. We went across a path that was least travelled.The guide was well informed and went a steady pleasant pace. Really loved every aspect of it.

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