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Unique experience in the marvellous rice fields of Sapa

Unique experience in the marvellous rice fields of Sapa

Ma Thieu

Reviewed On: March 02, 2019

Experience of a life time, truely. It’s hard to convey in words. We asked Sinh Trekking Tour Sapa guide, to go off the beaten path of the usual trek in Sapa and we were serve. We got to trek down and up the valley on a 20km trek and saw no tourist for at least 2 hours. Sinh was really knowledgeable, telling us a lot about the tribes in Sapa and the cultural differences. Sinh being a Hmong, it couldn’t be more authentic. We learned a bit of the Hmong language, and the way of life of Hmong people. Sinh always made sure we were safe and comfortable. As I’m writing this review, I fully realise that words only can’t explain how great the experience was If you want to trek in Sapa, there’s no one better than Trekking Tour Sapa.

Sinh Giang

Hi, my name is Sinh from the Black Hmong ethnic minority group in Sapa. I am an experienced local mountain guide in the Sapa area. I have worked for many tourism companies which has given me the opportunity to improve my English skills with people from all over the world. I am passionate about nature especially mountain trekking and hiking on the big rice terraces in my hometown. I love sharing my local culture with anyone who is looking for a unique, memorable trip. I want to show people the real Sapa.

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