Sapaly Express Train: Everything You Need To Know Before Booking

Sapaly Express Train
Everything you need to know about the Sapaly Express Train - Tips, best price, office, how to buy tickets, train schedule, pros and cons.

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Recently updated on January 7th, 2023 at 02:11 pm

Sa Pa is a highland district of Lao Cai province located in the northwest of the country, a land of modesty, quiet but hidden many miracles of natural scenery. Each season of Sapa has its own beauty.

Sapaly Express train is one of the two best trains to Sapa today, with beautiful carriages, beautiful interiors, rich facilities to meet most of the needs of visitors. When going to Sapa, you should consider the Sapaly Express train for your trip. Here is all about Sapaly Express train you should know to have the perfect trip.

Sapaly Express Train From Hanoi To Sapa

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Things to know about Sapaly Express Train


Ticket price:

  • Carbin with 4 beds: 27 USD
  • Carbin VIP: 60 USD
  • VIP compartment: 125 USD/ compartment
  • Deluxe compartment: 121 USD/ compartment


Fares may change 10% – 20% on weekends, holidays, Tet…

Boat price includes reservation drink, service fee

Food is not included

Children under 5 years old free of charge sharing bed with parents.

Deluxe ticket type (4-bed cabin):

The car is installed: 2-way air conditioner, wood-paneled interior, harmonious colors. European style is designed by foreign experts with many years of interior design experience, in the compartment, there are 4 beds arranged in 2 floors, size: 92 x 190cm, 3-star standard bedding, each guest is Provide 1 bottle of drinking water, fresh flowers.

Sapaly Express Train From Hanoi To Sapa

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VIP ticket type (cabin for 2 people):

This is the best ticket on the Hanoi – Lao Cai route today. The car is installed with 2-way air-conditioner, the interior is wood-paneled, the color is harmonious, the decoration is outstanding, and the European style is easily recognizable. Foreign experts with many years of interior design experience, in the compartment, there are 4 beds arranged in 2 floors, size: 92 x 190cm, but the 2 upper beds are folded, leaving only 2 beds for 2 people, blankets. Pillowcases according to 3-star standard, each guest is provided with a bottle of drinking water, fresh flowers, a fruit export, listening to music on request…

Sapaly Express Train From Hanoi To Sapa

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Train schedule

Sapaly Express Train is one of the most famous transportation from Hanoi to Sapa of customers who want to travel at 22:00 everyday.

Sapaly Express Train From Hanoi To Sapa

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  • Pick up/Drop off point in Hanoi: Tran Quy Cap station – Terminal 6 entrance.
  • Pick up/Drop off point in Sapa: 318 Khanh Yen, Lao Cai, 30 meters from Lao Cai station
  • Time to travel: 8 hours

Hanoi – Sapa route:

  • Departure time in Hanoi : 22:00
  • Arrival time in Sapa: 6:20

Sapa – Hanoi route:

  • Departure time in Sapai : 21:40
  • Arrival time in Hanoi: 5:30

Service on board

Sapaly Express train ensures to provide passengers with a more perfect service than other trains of the same standard because of its novelty and luxury. Sapaly has 2 trains namely SP3 and SP4. On each ship, there are 6 cabins instead of 7 cabins like other ships, so each cabin is more spacious. Decorated with natural wood furniture, soft pillows… will definitely give passengers a deep sleep. Especially on board, there are 2 VIP cabins for couples who like private space.

Sapaly Express Train From Hanoi To Sapa

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– Luxury wood-paneled compartment with 4 beds.

– Air conditioning system.

– Personal reading light, convenient luggage storage.

– Each car has a separate and clean hand wash basin and toilet.

– Electric bell system when guests need service.


– Professional service staff.

– Trainer, husband, blanket every day.

– Trick Bar serving drinks, snacks.

– Free hot water supply.

Especially, you will receive free gifts: 01 bottle of mineral water, 01 drinking cup, 01 toothbrush, toothpaste, 01 hairbrush, 01 pair of 4-star hotel-style slippers.

Sapaly Express Train From Hanoi To Sapa

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Each cabin is covered with natural wood, decorated with wooden floors, graceful curtains, warm lighting system, luggage storage space, flowers, soft white beddings to bring comfort to passengers and deep sleep. In addition, there is a clean corridor with many large windows and a small but clean toilet in the carriage. Some items such as slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, drinking water, wet towels, snacks, fruits… are provided free of charge to guests.

Pros and cons of Sapaly Express Train

Pros of Sapaly Express


Trains in general as well as Sapaly in particular are extremely safe because trains run on their own roads, not being collided with other means of transport. Therefore, if you want the safety of your trip, you should choose the train to Sapa. In the past few decades, there have been almost no accidents related to the railway going to Sapa.

Spacious and comfortable space

In each cabin of Sapaly train, there are 4 soft beds with bed size of 80x190cm, quite wide, rolling around on a comfortable bed, something you cannot do when traveling by car. This spacious space is suitable for families with young children.

Clean sheets and pillows

The bed sheets and pillows in the car are treated cleanly to bring comfort to train passengers

Sapaly Express Train From Hanoi To Sapa

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Cons of Sapaly Express


Sapaly Express train is quite expensive compared to other airlines, even much higher. Normally, the ticket price of airlines ranges from 450,000 VND to 550,000 VND / ticket and Sapaly Express fare is 600,000 VND / ticket, but the service on the train is worthy of that price.

Few departures

Sapaly Express train has very few departures, every night runs for 1 hour at 22:00

The train only goes to Lao Cai station, not directly to Sapa

Since the railway currently only runs to Lao Cai, there is no direct train to Sapa and the Sapaly Express train is no exception. To get to Sapa, guests must take a bus, coach or taxi from Lao Cai station to Sapa with a distance of more than 30km, time about 1 hour.

Sapaly Express train is a high-class cruise ship from Hanoi – Lao Cai and vice versa. Their service always puts the quality first so that customers can enjoy the trip on Sapaly train like in a high-class hotel. Sapaly Express train’s facilities are a combination of four-star standard equipment and professional service. Sapaly Express train guarantees to give you a maximum satisfaction during the long journey to the beautiful town of Sapa. Don’t forget to contact us with this link to get the best tour from Hanoi to Sapa!


What is the phone number of Sapaly Express Train?

In case of any information changes or problems, please contact WhatsApp: +84886766031.

How much does the average Sapaly Express train fare?

Currently, the ticket price for Fansipan Express Train ranges from 27 USD to 125 USD

On which routes does the Sapaly Express train operate?

The routes of the Sapaly Express Train include: going to Sapa – Lao Cai from Hanoi

What time does the Sapaly Express train depart in Hanoi?

The Sapaly Express train departs at 22:00 in Hanoi station

What time does the Sapaly Express train depart in Sapa?

The Sapaly Express train departs at 21:40 in Hanoi station

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