Pumpkin Express Train: All you need to know before booking

Pumpkin Express Train
Everything you need to know about the Pumpkin Express Train - Tips, best price, office, how to buy tickets, train schedule, pros and cons.

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Recently updated on January 13th, 2023 at 02:12 pm

Different from the air at noon, the honey-colored light rays dancing through the leaves make people feel happier and more excited.

At this time, the clouds gradually dissipate to reveal a large space and visitors can freely zoom their eyes into the distance, even reaching the highest mountain in Indochina: Fansipan. When the afternoon falls, the sun fades behind the mountain and the mist begins to gently drift away, now the town is like a peaceful autumn season.

In the autumn afternoon, Sapa has a quiet, melancholy, romantic, and poetic beauty that makes people sobbing.

Et Pumpkin Expresstrain From Hanoi To Sapa

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The train is the safest means of transportation from Hanoi to Lao Cai today, suitable for groups of young people, or family groups because on the train there will be space for people to move around. games between comfortable cabins.

And Pumpkin Express is a luxury train brand chosen by many people for the journey to Sapa.

Things to know about ET Pumpkin Express Train


Et Pumpkin Expresstrain From Hanoi To Sapa

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Ticket price:

  • Compartment with 4 beds: 23 VND
  • VIP compartment with 2 beds: 50 VND


– The above fare may vary from 10% to 30% On public holidays, weekends, summer holidays or booster cars incur additional costs.

– Children under 5 years old or under 1.3 m in height sharing with parents do not have to buy tickets.

– Children over 5 years old or 1.3 m tall and above are charged as adults.

Et Pumpkin Expresstrain From Hanoi To Sapa

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Train schedule

Just like Sa Pa cruise ships, Pumpkin Express Train is not a separate cruise ship, but a part of intermodal trains Hanoi – Lao Cai SP1 and SP2. The Pumpkin Train offers air-conditioned bedrooms with soft beds in a cabin with wood paneling.

The rooms are beautifully decorated with wood in various forms that make the atmosphere more cozy and clean. Bread & 1 small bottle of water are provided free of charge to each passenger. Pumpkin train is really one of the best choices for tourists to Sapa.

Et Pumpkin Expresstrain From Hanoi To Sapa

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Hanoi – Lao Cai route:

Train name: SP1

Departure time: 21:40

Arrival time: 05:35

Train name: SP3

Departure time: 22:00

Arrival time: 06:00

Pick up/Drop off point in Hanoi: Tran Quy Cap station – Terminal 6 entrance.

Pick up/Drop off point in Sapa: 318 Khanh Yen, Lao Cai, 30 meters from Lao Cai station

Lao Cai – Hanoi route

Train name: SP2

Departure time: 20:35

Arrival time: 04:45

Train name: SP4

Departure time: 21:10

Arrival time: 05:22

Pick up/Drop off point in Sapa: 318 Khanh Yen, Lao Cai, 30 meters from Lao Cai station

Pick up/Drop off point in Hanoi: Tran Quy Cap station – Terminal 6 entrance.

Service on board

The ET-Pumpkin Express train is a high-quality tourist train running on the western route from Hanoi to Lao Cai and vice versa.

The train is designed with 7 compartments, each compartment has 4 soft beds with air conditioning system. Besides, the Pumpkin cabin can be converted into a 2-bed VIP cabin suitable for couples who love privacy and comfort.

Et Pumpkin Expresstrain From Hanoi To Sapa

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The train compartments are all wood-paneled and equipped with amenities such as: desks, bedside reading lights, power sockets, curtains, flowerpots, etc., linens and pillows are changed daily. The two ends of the carriage will have a home to give birth, a clean modern hand wash basin. In addition, the car is also equipped with a free wifi system so that guests can access the Internet. Passengers taking the train will be provided with free cold towels, drinking water, and snacks. Especially beer, soft drinks, fruit are also arranged for VIP 2-bed cabin at no extra charge.

Et Pumpkin Expresstrain From Hanoi To Sapa

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The services for tourists while on the train:

– Cold towels, drinking water.

– Snacks and seasonal fruits

– Clean blankets, sheets, pillows and cushions.

– Clean the wagon.

– Free WIFI

– The interior of the wagon is renovated with wood paneling of the 4th generation

– Welcoming guests at the station.

Pros and cons of ET Pumpkin Express Train

Pros of ET Pumpkin Express


Trains in general as well as ET Pumpkin in particular are extremely safe because the train runs on its own road, not being collided with other means of transport. Therefore, if you want the safety of your trip, you should choose the train to Sapa. In the past few decades, there have been almost no accidents related to the railway going to Sapa.

Spacious and comfortable space

In each cabin of the ET Pumpkin ship, there are 4 soft beds with bed size of 80x190cm, quite wide, rolling around on a comfortable bed, something you cannot do when traveling by car. This spacious space is suitable for families with young children.


ET Pumpkin Express fares are on average in trains to Sapa, while other shipping lines average 550,000 VND/ticket, especially some higher quality carriers, the price is up to 600,000 VND to 650,000 VND/ticket. as low as only 450,000 VND/ticket. The quality of the room is on par with the high-end ones.

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Cons of ET Pumpkin Express

Few departures

The ET Pumpkin Express train has very few departures, every night runs 1 hour at 9:35 pm and currently due to the Covid epidemic situation, the train only runs Hanoi Lao Cai on Thursdays and Fridays and vice versa. Japan weekly.

The train only goes to Lao Cai station, not directly to Sapa

Since the railway currently only runs to Lao Cai, there is no direct train to Sapa and the ET Pumpkin Express train is no exception. To get to Sapa, guests must take a bus, coach or taxi from Lao Cai station to Sapa with a distance of more than 30km, time about 1 hour.

The train is always one of the best choices for its convenience and safety. And it can be said that the biggest plus, when you choose to go to Sapa by train, is that you just sit still and freely expand your eyes to see the sky, the mountains, the beautiful scenery. Above is something about ET Pumpkin for your choice. Contact us with this to have more information.


What is the phone number of ET Pumpkin Express Train?

In case of any information changes or problems, please contact WhatsApp: +84886766031.

How much does the average ET Pumpkin Express train fare?

Currently, the ticket price for Fansipan Express Train ranges from 23 to 50 USD

On which routes does the ET Pumpkin Express train operate?

The routes of ET Pumpkin Express Train include: going to Sapa – Lao Cai from Hanoi

What time does the ET Pumpkin depart in Hanoi?

The ET Pumpkin departs at 21:40 in Hanoi station

What time does the ET Pumpkin depart in Sapa?

The ET Pumpkin departs at 20:35 in Hanoi station

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