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How to get Sapa from Hanoi
The beautiful rice fields of Hau Thao village

How to get Sapa from Hanoi


Sapa is the most convenient tourist place for those in love with visiting unique and extraordinary cultures of the world. It is a small town in Vietnam and a major tourist center due to its fantastic location of rice fields, greeneries, mountains, and breathtaking sights of natural sceneries.

Best trekking in Sapa
From Hanoi, you could book a bus or train to Sapa:

+ Bus: if you need cheaper and faster transport also comfortable, a bus is for you. It’s cost about 250.000vnd – 300.000vnd/ per way/per person. You could check with Green Bus company. From Hanoi to Sapa.

+ Train: If you need more comfortable transport, train is for you, it’s cost about US$30/per way. But for the train you have 2 stops. Train from Hanoi to Lao Cai train station and then take a shared bus from Lao Cai train station to Sapa (it’s cost about US$3/per way). Total about: US$33/per way/per person. You could check with King Express company.

You can choose from Hanoi to Sapa or From Sapa back Hanoi.

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Sinh Giang

Hi, my name is Sinh from the Black Hmong ethnic minority group in Sapa. I am an experienced local mountain guide in the Sapa area. I have worked for many tourism companies which has given me the opportunity to improve my English skills with people from all over the world. I am passionate about nature especially mountain trekking and hiking on the big rice terraces in my hometown. I love sharing my local culture with anyone who is looking for a unique, memorable trip. I want to show people the real Sapa.

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