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Ethical and Eco Sapa Trekking Experiences – Locally Owned & Supported by H’mong People

Local guides

All of our staff come from the Black Hmong ethnic minorities in the villages of Sapa.

Over 5 years experience trekking

We will organize a safe, amazing trip full of unforgettable memories.

Qualified staff

Our professional staff speak English, Hmong, and Vietnamese. They have deep first-hand knowledge of the history and culture of Sapa

Best 4 Trekking Tour Sapa & Travel Packages 2019

Travelling to Vietnam? Come to Sapa and stay with us in the mountains! We will show you the best Sapa has to offer and give you an unforgettable experience

About Us

Trekking Tour Sapa is comprised of a local team of expert guides representative of the ethnic minority group of the Black H’mong tribe based in the beautiful northern mountainous highlands of Sapa, Vietnam. We are so proud to share our vibrant culture, unique ecology, and stunning landscapes so that we may preserve it for generations to come.

Trekking with real local guide

About Sapa

Hmong Kids

Sa Pa is a quiet mountain town and home to a great diversity of ethnic minority peoples. The total population of 36,000 consists mostly of minority groups. Besides the Kinh (Viet) people (15 percent) there are mainly five ethnic groups in Sa Pa: Hmong 52 percent, Dao 25 percent, Tay five percent, Giay two percent, and a small number of Xa Pho. Approximately 7,000 live in Sa Pa, the other 36,000 being scattered in small communes throughout the district. wikipedia

Sa Pa has cool weather. It not too hot and not too cold. Sapa is in northern Vietnam. It can have 4 seasons in one day! Sapa has stunning mountain views of “Fansipan 3.143m (the highest peak in the Indochina peninsula), Hoang Lien and Dragon” and traditional villages such as Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ta Phin and Cat Cat.

The best time to visit Sapa is in August and September when the green and yellow terraced rice fields are in full splendor, and many families are havesting.

Muong Hoa Valley, look from Giang Ta Chai village

Trekking is the best way to see Sapa. During a trek you will navigate the hills and mountains to see the beautiful landscape of rice paddies and the traditional villages in Sapa. You will descend to villages to discover the daily life, customs, cultures, and traditions. Book a tour with us! Our profesional guides will take you on a trek of a lifetime.


Sapa Trekking through Rice Fields

Our Customers Say

  •   I trekked with Sinh's sister. She was very friendly, did a great job guiding, pointing things out, and giving tidbits of knowledge about local life. Meals were good and a family dinner at the homesteads after a day of trekking was a great shared experience. Would definitely recommend!

    thumb Kyle
  •   This is a great tour. The scenery is very unique, the homestays had nice atmosphere and food. We were guided by Sinh's sister who made sure to point out interesting details on the trail. Bring a hat if you can, long stretches are exposed and you may get a lot of sun.

    thumb Karolina
  •   I had an... unusual experience. Day 1 of the trek and I came down with the worst sinus infection I’ve had in years. The morning was lovely (sinh is a wonderful host and Sapa is astoundingly beautiful), but by lunch I had to tap out. Sinh coordinated transportation so I wouldn’t have to walk to the homestay, then rode with me back to the town to make sure I got to my hotel safe. I’m super bummed I got to experience like, 1/6 of the trip and I plan on booking it again, but I’m so thankful for how kind Sinh was. It’s scary being so sick in a foreign country, and he made me feel safe! So yeah, probably not a typical review of this experience, but I still wanted to give Sinh the praise he deserves!

    thumb Hannah
  •   Sinh who I later came to know as Mr. Sun met us promptly on the morning of day 1 of our trek. The prospect of spending 3 days with a random dude from the internet can be scary, but his huge smile and affable nature put us right at ease. We mostly made small talk as we made our way out of the town, but it soon became clear that Mr. Sun was the real deal, a true local guide. Over the next 3 days we had the pleasure of trekking with him through his homeland. I appreciate a lot about the time we spent together. A few things in particular stand out. We trekked some pretty obscure off-the-beaten paths that you wouldn't find with a transplant guide. Many times that we'd cross paths with some locals Mr. Sun would pause and shoot the breeze. It was inevitably a friend of his from high school or brother of an in-law. One time it was someone he didn't know, but knew him, which confirmed my theory that he's a bit of a local celebrity. I'm really curious and asked a lot of questions, “what's this?” and “why that?”. He almost always had a good answer and when he didn't he looked it up and reported back later, e.g. "it's cassava!". The homestay that we stayed at on our first night was great. We had a private room. It was very clean. The food was tasty. We had a ton of fun at dinner chatting with the family and the other guests late into the evening over homemade apple wine. On day 2 we made a pit stop at Mr. Sun’s family home. It was an honor to get a peak into where he grew up and still lives today. By the end of day 2 we were exhausted from trekking! We had another nice evening in a different homestay again having fun chatting with the other guests, guides, and the family that lived there, this time over rice wine 🙂 The morning of the third day we had a tasty breakfast of crepes and locally-grown bananas before completing another half day of trekking. Finally Sinh had arranged for us to go by car back to Sapa city. Overall the experience was amazing. We learned so much about the people and culture of the region. It was a lot of hiking, which is exactly what we were looking for. I wholeheartedly recommend Sinh and his company Trekking Tour Sapa.

    thumb Chris
  •   The experience is truly unforgettable. It was tiring but the views are so worth it. Sinh's sister, So, was really attentive and friendly. 🙂

    thumb Demi
  •   If you’re after adventure, this is the hike for you.

    First off being in Sa Pa is absolutely beautiful and to be with Sinh, a local who’s been leading tours for years now and is very knowledgeable about the landscape and culture was great. He’s a very kind guy who wants to show you the best experience possible.

    The homestay, especially the first night is great, big dinner and breakfast that’s included. Make sure to bring some cash because along the way local women will try and sell you crafts, they weren’t too big of a nuisance though and they are also very kind so getting something off them helps them a lot.

    BRING GOOD SHOES/BOOTS. It rains A LOT in Sapa and it can get quite muddy and wet so good shoes is a must. And as long as you have an umbrella you should be good with the rain.

    It’s a great tour, Sinh does a fantastic job but the route can be a little dangerous though but if you’re up for whatever comes you way and have an adventurous spirit I highly recommend this tour.

    thumb Samuel
  •   Sinh is an extremely friendly person who I would definitely recommend meeting. He was knowledgable and accommodating. We booked a day trek with him and asked about transportation. He arranged for a shuttle to pick up the six of us at Lao Cai train station...More

    thumb SamelSinh
  •   Trekking with Sinh was by far the highlight of our stay in Sapa. Sinh is a Hmong guide and while you walk, he will teach you the culture of the different indigenous people of the Sapa valley. As guide he is always trying to give...More

    thumb Mathieu R
  •   We did a 2 day, 1 night trek with Sinh and had a truly splendid experience. Sinh met us at the Sapa city center (Notre Dame cathedral), introduced himself and his Wife who is currently his "training guide" explained the trip itinerary and we set...More

    thumb ianblythe248
  •   Sinh who I later came to know as Mr. Sun met us promptly on the morning of day 1 of our trek. The prospect of spending 3 days with a random dude from the internet can be scary, but his huge smile and affable nature...More

    thumb chrisarnesen
  •   The trek we did me and my friend with Sinh was absolutely fabulous. We walked 3 days/2 nights trought the beautiful landscapes and mountains around Sapa. Sinh is a wonderful guide and person. He loves what he does. The homestays were great and the food...More

    thumb Etienne B
  •   We had a great 6 hour village trek. He is very friendly & helpful, also good English. Great adventure & learned many things! 🙂 He even ran back to the village to buy us raincoats when it rained, thank you!

    thumb shenayr2014

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